Hitter Culture Clothing

Hitter: (n) Slang term for a professional killer/soldier. A successful and powerful person.

Hitter Culture was founded in Philadelphia by Mike Cubbage a combat veteran of the United States Army. Hitter Culture's vision is to blend the style of the streets that many of our combat veterans come from into the gritty style of American Soldier Culture. Reiterating the #1 rule of the American Warfighter...Always look cool.

Hitter Culture is the culture of the American Warfighter. A shared style, bravado, and sense of brotherhood.  A culture that promotes general badassery and hoolaginism all while maintaining that professional edge to put boot to ass whenever the need shall arise. A culture that understands that today could be your last and chose to live their lives that way.

Hitter Culture Clothing is a veteran owned and operated company and all tee shirts are made and printed in the USA by veterans and pariotic Americans

10% of all proceeds go to support Veterans Organizations